I am a theoretical biologist — I study biological phenomena by making computer models to simulate the underlying processes. My research centers around the evolutionary dynamics of developmental processes, also known as evo-devo.

I am currently a career development fellow at the Sainsbury Laboratory in Cambridge, starting projects on the evolution of plant developmental programs — here is my group page.

During my PhD I studied the evolution of segments, which are repeated patterns in animal bodies, like vertebrae or the partitioned armour of insects.  As a postdoctoral fellow at the Origins Center in the Netherlands, I worked on the evolution of multicellularity: what selection pressures can cause cells to stick together, and how cells change their behaviour once they are in a group.

On my research page I explain evo-devo in a bit more detail;
see also the page of my collaborator, Enrico Sandro Colizzi,
for more info about evolutionary dynamics.

A short outreach video on my research topic in the Origins Center in the Netherlands :